The Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition is a trade organization comprised of Pennsylvania medical marijuana permit holders. PCC formed shortly after the first permits were awarded in June of 2017 through the merger of the most prominent industry advocacy groups.


Our purpose is to protect and preserve Pennsylvania's emerging medical marijuana market while also advocating for a well regulated adult use market in the Commonwealth. We have helped devise policy that regulates the sensible cultivation, distribution, and use of cannabis for medical purposes. 

We represent all sectors of the cannabis industry here in Pennsylvania including Grower/Processors, Dispensaries, Clinical Registrants and ancillary businesses that help ensure we can deliver medicine to patients in the most efficient way. 


We advocate for a robust yet economically sensible regulatory framework. We will continue to educate elected officials, regulators and the general public about of the need and benefits of cannabis-derived therapies.


Our team includes both industry and public affairs specialists with rich, domain-specific experience at the local, state, and federal levels.

To apply for membership please complete the application below and email to Our Executive Director - Meredith Buettner will reach out to schedule a meeting after the application has been reviewed. 

PCC Bylaws

PCC Membership Application