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The Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition is a trade organization comprised of Pennsylvania medical marijuana permit holders. PCC formed shortly after the first permits were awarded in June of 2017 through the merger of the most prominent industry advocacy groups.


Our purpose is to protect and preserve Pennsylvania's emerging medical marijuana market while also advocating for a well regulated adult use market in the Commonwealth. We have helped devise policy that regulates the sensible cultivation, distribution, and use of cannabis for medical purposes. 

We represent all sectors of the cannabis industry here in Pennsylvania including Grower/Processors, Dispensaries, Clinical Registrants and ancillary businesses that help ensure we can deliver medicine to patients in the most efficient way. 


We advocate for a robust yet economically sensible regulatory framework. We will continue to educate elected officials, regulators and the general public about of the need and benefits of cannabis-derived therapies.


Our team includes both industry and public affairs specialists with rich, domain-specific experience at the local, state, and federal levels.

Membership for PA Permit Holders

 If you are permit holder in PA's medical marijuana program  - Grower/Processor, Dispensary or Clinical Registrant - this is the option for you. Approximately 75% of the permit holders in Pennsylvania belong to PCC. Membership affords the opportunity to network, learn and effect policy & rulemaking in the Commonwealth. Permit holding memberships are based on company make up (vertical/non-vertical/MSO/non MSO etc.) and are voting members of PCC. To determine your company's exact membership type please contact

Membership Info Flyer

PCC 2022 Membership Information Flyer.jpg
PCC 2022 Affiliate Membership Program Flyer.jpg

Affiliate Membership Info Flyer

Affiliate Membership

 PCC's Affiliate Membership program is open to any individual, firm, partnership or corporation who supports the purposes of PCC and has current business relationship with permit holders in the PA medical marijuana program. Examples of Affiliate Member businesses include but are not limited to approved laboratories; cannabis accessories; cultivation equipment or supplies; dispensary equipment or supplies; financial; legal; advocacy or insurance services; packaging; security or software companies. Affiliate Members are non-voting members of PCC. 

PCC Sponsorship & Educational Partnership Program

 PCC's  Sponsorship Program is designed for businesses and individuals with a vested interest in the success of Pennsylvania's medical marijuana market or a desire to help bring Adult-Use legislation to the Commonwealth. Sponsorships are for non-permit holding business (PA or other markets) and are non-voting participants in PCC.

PCC's  Educational Partnership is designed to build relationships between industry and cannabis educational programs. Educational Partners are non voting members of the PCC. 

PCC 2022 Sponsorship Program Flyer.jpg

Sponsorship Info Flyer

Join PCC Now! 

Once you have determined what type of membership, sponsorship or partnership is right for you or your business please complete the respective application below and submit to PCC Executive Director - Meredith Buettner via email at - once the application is received a meeting will be scheduled to review.

Membership Application (Permit Holders & Affiliates)

Sponsor Application

Educational Partnership MOU

Questions? Please email PCC Executive Director, Meredith Buettner at

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