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The Political Action Committee of The Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition

The Pennsylvania Cannabis Political Action Committee (“PC PAC”) is the bipartisan political action committee of the Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition (“PCC”) and is governed by a three-member committee made up of members of PCC. The goal of the PC PAC is to support candidates seeking elective office that advocate for access to medical and/or adult use cannabis in Pennsylvania.


Why does PCC Need a PAC?

The cannabis industry is directly impacted by the laws passed by the legislature. PAC contributions help ensure the individuals elected to the legislature are supportive of PCC’s policy priorities. Political campaigns are expensive, and our contributions help make sure our supporters have the funds they need to be reelected. Additionally, while making individual contributions to legislators is effective, the pooling of resources through a political action committee demonstrates unity and solidarity of the industry and the strength of PCC as the only cannabis industry association in Pennsylvania. By making contributions to PC PAC, members can become politically engaged at a statewide level.

How Can You Contribute?

The PC PAC can receive individual contributions and contributions from other PACs. Members are encouraged to solicit voluntary contributions from the salaried, decision making class of their employees as well as shareholders.Corporate contributions are strictly prohibited, so your medical marijuana company may not be able to make a contribution. We can accept contributions from LLPs and LLCs, as long as you confirm to us they are not taxed as corporations. Company PACs may also contribute directly to PC PAC.


Suggested Initial Contributions 

Grower Processors: $5,000
Dispensaries $2,500
Clinical Registrants: $2,500
Laboratories: $1,000

You can also make a contribution by mailing a check to:
“PC PAC” at P.O. Box 11501 Harrisburg, PA 17108


Questions? Contact PCC Executive Director Meredith Buettner at

Contributions both BIG and small make a difference.
Your contribution as an act of political engagement is more important than the amount

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