The Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition is a 501(c)6 trade organization comprised of Pennsylvania medical marijuana permit holders. PCC formed shortly after the first permits were awarded in June of 2017 through the merger of the most prominent industry advocacy groups.


Our purpose is to protect and preserve Pennsylvania's emerging medical marijuana market.  We will help devise policy that regulates the sensible cultivation, distribution, and use of cannabis for medical purposes.

We represent the developing medical cannabis industry here in Pennsylvania.


We advocate for a robust yet economically sensible regulatory framework. We will continue to educate elected officials, regulators and the general public about of the need and benefits of cannabis-derived therapies.


Our team includes both industry and public affairs specialists with rich, domain-specific experience at the local, state, and federal levels.

Lobbying and Advocacy

First things first, what's the current law and what should the industry expect moving forward?  PCC utilizes professional lobbyists and advocates that work with state and local officials to ensure that as the laws evolve, it has a positive impact on jobs, taxes, patient access, and the overall cannabis industry. We recognize that legalizing medical cannabis was not an easy task.  There were many hurdles and naysayers.  But our work isn't done yet, and there is still a lot more to be done. Our job is to work effectively with a cross-section of leaders in politics, business and communities to pull together the best possible outcome as we move forward with our program.

Expert Analysis and Alerts 
PCC tracks and analyzes legislation and regulatory actions that impact the cannabis sector.  Members receive regular updates and alerts to ensure a strategic and proactive approach regarding the issues effecting them.


Governmental Outreach
Through direct interaction with legislative leaders, their staff, members of the Administration and regulatory agencies, PCC promotes and advocates on behalf of its members.  Whether through testimony in front of key committees or one-on-one meetings, our leadership and staff have earned a reputation of trust and credibility on the hill in Harrisburg that is second to none.

Member Driven Approach
Direct involvement of members in developing messages and strategies is the key to our success. PCC arranges direct meetings with Pennsylvania Legislative and Regulatory leadership on behalf of its members. Hearing directly from subject matter experts, YOU, has a significant impact on the decisions these leaders make. 

Regulations and Compliance

PCC is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice. However, our legal partners in this regulatory space are second to none. In addition, our staff can guide you through the governmental hurdles, processes and red tape to ensure you are above board in all aspects.


204 State Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101

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Executive Director Meredith Buettner

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