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The Covid-19 pandemic brought some great changes to Pennsylvania's medical marijuana program including curbside pick up, telemedicine, and allowing patients a 90-day supply of medicine. Join us in advocating to our legislators to make patient-focused changes permanent.


      Call or email your legislator today by clicking here


Ask them to:

  • Keep curbside pick up available at Pennsylvania medical marijuana dispensaries

  • Continue to allow Pennsylvanians to become medical marijuana patients via telemedicine

  • Allow patients to continue to access a 90-day supply of medicine

      Copy and paste this email message to your legislator:

Dear Legislator (Insert your Representative or Senator's name):

As one of 300,000 registered patient in the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program,  I strongly encourage you to vote to bring safer access to Pennsylvania's medical marijuana program for patients  By allowing for curbside pick up, telemedicine and a 90-day supply of medicine patients are safer. During the Covid-19 pandemic, these changes have allowed medical marijuana patients many of whom are elderly and suffer from multiple chronic health conditions, to practice greater social distancing while still receiving their much needed medication. Please prioritize patient safety by voting to make these measures permanent. 

Thank you, 

Insert your name

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Patient

      Use the Hashtag #keepcurbside on social media and tag your legislator


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