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You have a voice.


 On November 16, 2021, the Office of Medical Marijuana sent a notice requiring operators to resubmit approvals for 65% of the medical marijuana products on the market including nearly ALL vapes and concentrates.

Pennsylvania medical marijuana products are safe.

Pennsylvania medical marijuana is subject to some of the highest testing standards in the country.

Pennsylvania's medical marijuana operators produce products that exceed industry safety standards.

Every single one of these products has been previously approved by the Office of Medical Marijuana for patient use.

There are ZERO reports of adverse events related to vaporized products that contain additives.

ZERO of these products has ever been subject to a recall.

Patients have been treating their serious medical conditions with these products since the inception of the program yet the Office has recently taken to deeming products not "medically appropriate" with NO scientific evidence and NO notice to patients. 

It is anticipated that any vape cartridge or concentrate with any type of additive in it (flavors included) will be pulled off the market on November 30, 2021.

This will fundamentally limit the supply of medical marijuana available to patients and cause unnecessary shortages of other products as patients scramble to find new medicine to treat their serious medical condition.

This action will require some operators to cut their production by up to 50%.

      Call or email your legislator today by clicking here



Ask them to:

  • Modernize Act 16

  • Make the Covid-19 Emergency Medical Marijuana regulations Permanent including

      Copy and paste this email message to your legislator:

Dear Legislator (Insert your Representative or Senator's name):

I strongly encourage you to vote to modernize Act 16. By updating Act 16 to include experience, refined business practices and effective policies enacted in other markets over the last five years, patients will have more access to better medicine at a reduced cost. Modernization should include curbside pick up, telemedicine and a 90-day supply of medicine patients as were allowed during the Covid-19 Emergency. These changes have allowed medical marijuana patients many of whom are elderly and suffer from multiple chronic health conditions, to practice greater social distancing while still receiving their much needed medication. Please prioritize program modernization and patient access by voting to make these measures permanent. 

Thank you, 

Insert your name

Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Patient

How should we modernize Act 16?

  • Increase patient supply by allowing for product remediation​

  • Allow cannabis producers to source and cultivate new genetic strains for improved product quality

  • Allow Hemp-derived ingredients to be added to medical marijuana to increase the supply of high CBD products

  • Allow for the use of pesticides as permitted by the PA Department of Agriculture

  • Increase patient access by allowing for relocation of dispensaries

  • Allow the use of Application-Programming Interfacing to increase transactional speed, transparency and reliability

  • Hold privately held companies to the same disclosure as publican held companies

  • Allow motion activated recording for video surveillance to increase security while reducing costs

  • Elimination of redundant testing while continuing to provide patients medicine safely and securely

  • Removing marketing and advertising approvals from DOH authority

  • Allow individuals with prior misdemeanor drug-related convictions to obtain medical cannabis employment, and a path to rehabilitation

What Covid-19 related changes should be made permanent?

  • Keeping Curbside​

  • Keeping Telemedicine

  • Continue to access a 90-day supply of medicine

      Use the Hashtag #fixact16 on social media and tag your legislator