Principle-Based Adult-Use Approach


Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition Calls For a Principle-Based Approach To Adult-Use Marijuana 

Harrisburg, PA: The Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition (PCC), the trade association for Pennsylvania’s licensed marijuana industry, calls for a principle-based approach to the development of a sustainable, diverse, and well-regulated adult-use cannabis industry in the Commonwealth. By building upon the success of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program, the Commonwealth can address the social and economic barriers that many Pennsylvania communities face by creating an inclusive, yet well-regulated adult-use program. PCC believes that the Commonwealth’s existing operators are best suited to the establishment of an adult-use infrastructure based on the following principles:


  • Broad access to ownership and diversity of our workforce – ensure there is a low barrier to entry for new market participants and support to ensure their success;

  • Infrastructure and economic development – build a robust program by creating living-wage, upwardly-mobile career paths for employees, while increasing economic development in Pennsylvania communities;

  • Social Responsibility – provide economic opportunity to areas disproportionally impacted by the War on Drugs campaign and prioritize the decriminalization of non-violent cannabis offenses; and,

  • Security, Safety and Consumer Protections – continue the high standards of quality assurance required under the medical program. Support the efforts of public health and law enforcement agencies to develop tools to deter DUI, substance abuse, and teen use, with an emphasis on undermining the illicit market for marijuana.


“A principle-based approach to the establishment of an adult-use program comes on the heels of polling released in May demonstrating the broad, bi-partisan support of allowing the sale of adult-use marijuana in the Commonwealth” said PCC President Bob Pease. “Our existing operators are ready and well-suited to embrace an adult-use program. We look forward to working with the legislature to develop a program that creates jobs, tax revenue and increases consumer protections by displacing an illicit market.”


Download a copy of the PCC’s Two-Pager on adult-use.


Links to full polling results: toplines, crosstabs and summary memo.

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Recent Adult-Use Survey


Two-Thirds of Pennsylvanians Support Allowing
the Sale of Adult-Use Cannabis

HARRISBURG, PA:  The Pennsylvania Cannabis Coalition (PCC), the trade association for Pennsylvania’s licensed marijuana industry, released a poll today affirming public support for regulating and taxing the sale of cannabis for adult-use in Pennsylvania.  Polling likely voters from April 21-26, 2020, the findings document widespread support for allowing adult-use across all demographics, political affiliations and regions of Pennsylvania.


“Statewide majorities of conservatives, moderates and liberals believe allowing the sale of adult-use cannabis is an idea whose time has come,” said PCC President Bob Pease, “Allowing adult-use will create jobs, generate tax revenue, displace an illicit market and increase consumer protections.”  Pennsylvania’s Governor Wolf anticipates the FY ’19-’20 Commonwealth budget will face a deficit in excess of $5 billion ahead of the constitutionally-mandated balanced budget deadline.  Pennsylvania’s Auditor General’s Office previously released a study indicating adult-use cannabis can generate over $581M of new tax revenue annually for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


“A well-formed adult-use program that is regulated, taxed and controlled will provide opportunities for those harmed by inequity created by the War on Drugs while supporting the Commonwealth’s budget in these challenging fiscal times,” continued Pease.


Recently, the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union documented that African American Pennsylvanians are three times more likely to be arrested for marijuana possession.


“While many have reported on Democratic support of legalization, a key finding of the poll was the electoral support of adult-use among Republicans.  The numbers are clear:  Supporting adult-use is a flat-out good vote,” emphasized Pease, “Fewer than 9% of Republicans would vote against a Republican legislator because of their support for adult-use, while nearly 1/3 of Democrats would be more likely to vote for a Republican legislator who supports adult-use.”


Both chambers of the Pennsylvania General Assembly are seated with Republicans holding the majority.


Conducted by Harper Polling, the findings concluded:


  • Nearly two-in-three likely voters support “allowing the sale of adult-use cannabis in Pennsylvania” (62% favor/29% oppose). A third of likely voters strongly favor (36%);


  • Conservatives (54% favor), Moderates (63%), and Liberals (76%) all favor allowing the sale of adult-use cannabis. Majorities of voters in every region of the state agree;


  • Voters across all key demographics would rather see the state regulate and tax adult-use cannabis as opposed to raising income, sales and business taxes. This includes voters in each region of the state (Northern Tier: 65% regulate & tax, Philadelphia/Southeast: 71%, Pittsburgh/Southwest: 70%, Scranton/Lehigh Valley: 72%, South Central: 75%);


  • A third of Republicans say that if a Republican legislator voted to allow adult-use cannabis, they would enthusiastically support them for re-election (34%). Another 44% of Republicans would consider a legislator’s entire record. A mere 9% of Republicans would vote their legislator out of office due to a vote in support of adult-use cannabis. Younger Republicans would be particularly supportive of a legislator who supports adult-use cannabis (18-39: 45% enthusiastically support);


  • Nearly a third of Democrats would be more likely to vote for a Republican legislator who they knew “supported controlling, regulating, and taxing the sale of adult-use cannabis in Pennsylvania” (31%). Male Democrats would be especially willing to consider voting for a Republican legislator who supports adult-use cannabis (45% yes), as would younger Democrats (46% yes);


  • And finally, when presented with a choice, 59% of voters say cannabis should be sold through “licensed cannabis dispensaries run by private entrepreneurs” rather than “state-controlled liquor stores” (24%). Majorities of Republicans (58%), Democrats (57%), and Independents (69%) agree.


Links to full results: toplines, crosstabs and a summary memo.


According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Pennsylvania’s current marijuana licensees include 22 operating Grower/Processors and 77 operational dispensaries.  Over 260,000 patients are registered with the program, including 168,000 active card holders.  The industry services approximately 65,000 patient visits per week with nearly 160,000 products sold per week.  Nearly 2.5 million patients have visited dispensaries since the program’s inception, yielding $423 million in retail sales and $288 million in wholesale sales.  The industry employs over 4,000 people in Pennsylvania. 



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